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PT.Tiga Mitra - Jual Bata Ringan Murah dan Renovasi Rumah
Bata Ringan Ecoblock Kirim Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik
Bata Ringan Ecoblock Kirim Surabaya Sidoarjo Gresik
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Cheap Ecoblock Soft bricks that are environmentally friendly.


Currently the new brand has been present lightweight AAC bricks that will enliven the market competition is getting soft bricks in Surabaya and East Indonesia.

Mild brick AAC Ecoblock comes with specs and size soft bricks such as AAC whichFirst there is on the market.


Lightweight Brick Ecoblock has features such as: fireproof, prsesisi, energy-efficient, light-weight, strong, quick installation, mute and environmentally as well as economically.

Light bricks Ecoblock currently marketed at a price of Usd 625,000-USD 650,000 cubic depending on volume purchases/and destination of the shipment.

With the presence of a growing number of brands of light bricks especially Ecoblock then penggunakaan red brick will increasingly become part of the past due to the lightweight brick AAC is increasingly replacing the role of red brick in terms of cost, power, water power resap insulation, fire resistance, weight, kekedapan sound, the availability stock and the impact on the environment.



Comparison of specs and power Bricks Light is red brick with the usual ECOBLOCK:



Light Bricks Ecoblock produced by PT Petra Sentosa Persada (PPS), PT PPS is located on Jalan Krian areas Bypass km 30, Sidoarjo, industrial zones are being stretched in East Java. ECOBLOCK eco-friendly light weight brick produced in integrated in a plant that is designed from scratch to be Autoclaved Aerated Concretes technology (AAC) underwent a process of production has always maintained the consistent quality.

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PT. Tiga Mitra

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  • Jl. Klakahrejo-Ruko TCBD-TR1/11-Benowo, Surabaya 60198
    Jawa Timur , Indonesia

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